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Replicated User Sites via Alfresco, possible?

Question asked by redtoad182 on Feb 19, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2010 by sselvan
I apologize in advance if this has been covered previously, unfortunately have been unable to find information in Alfresco for how this is done.

I am looking to determine if Alfresco has the built-in ability, or an available module, that would allow the system to automatically create  a user specific URL for each user that registers with an Alfresco based site.

I would like to use Alfresco to power my main site.  I have a thousands of users that are registered with my company, and when they register, they can visit my main site by going to  When they want to access their account and data, they can login, edit their account information and purchase product.  When they register, as part of the registration process, they pick a webalias for themselves.  When their registration has been accepted, they will have their own replicated version of our site, and the URL will be

We do this for every single user, so we essentially have thousands of these replicated sites, based on our main site.  I would like to find out if Alfresco has the ability to support this style of replicated site technology.  I would like to move to Alfresco instead of our current software provider so that we could have better control over the content available on our website, and then allow the individual users to post some personal content on their replicated site at

Can anyone explain how I could do this with Alfresco?  I would like to make the creation of the webalias a normal part of user registration, and grant my users limited control over the content at their replicated site.

I appreciate any help on solving this challenge, thank you in advance.