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Reliablilty of full text indexing / recovery

Question asked by gyro.gearless on Feb 19, 2010
Hi folks,

i have just filed a bug report regarding problems with proper reindexing of .docx documents when OpenOffice crashed.

See for full prose, but in short terms:

- sometimes OpenOffices crashes on .docx documents
- Alfresco does not automatically restart OpenOffice, so this miserable state easily gets oversight….
- There seems to be obvious way to be sure a document is properly indexed.
- and even a full recovery of Lucenes index seems to cure that.

Or did i miss something very important here? I'd like the hear from the community what's their experience regarding OpenOffice conversions - does this reliably work for you? Which OpenOffice version (if) would be the most reliable? How do you male sure your index is correct?

Any opinions welcome…

Cheers and have a good weekend