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Generell Question from a newbie

Question asked by artd on Oct 21, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2009 by invictus9
Hi all

I have a really generell question about Alfresco. Are the following functions possible:
1.       Publish content
2.       Secure areas for private / confidential docs
3.       Feedback mechanism, comments etc.
4.       All docs today are in Word. Once uploaded, is it possible to maintain all content online only (no more word).
5.       Should be possible to search, download and combine content from different sources and make “new content”
6.       Links between content, to other intranet pages and to extranet, public websites.
7.       Published internally on intranet to approx 10,000 employees.
8.       Some docs published on www / extranet.

What do you think about this requirements. Especially number 4 ?
Thank you for helping a newbie.