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Using the Content URL, how can I find which file it is?

Question asked by sselvan on Feb 20, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2010 by zaizi
When I was trying to debug for some "content conversion failed" issues in Alfresco log and I happened to see the Content URL mentioned in the log.

I was wondering, is there anyway to find which file is causing this problem, using the ContentURL?

How do we identify which file/which upload caused this error so we can look at the file and see if there's something wrong with the file? The only identifier I can see for it is contentUrl=store://2010/1/22/13/14/6e228904-d5d2-4a99-b7b1-8fe7c03c71f3.bin, which does not help with finding it in the Web UI.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you