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How to link document library to my public web site?

Question asked by lehaihua444 on Feb 21, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2010 by stevegreenbaum
Hi all,

   I just watched a video called "Making Web Content Management Easy with Alfresco Share 3.2" from the blue fish development group.

   They have a public traditional website that everyone can see, and when they add a new document under document library inside Alfresco Share, they can see the document immediately in their traditional

website. They have several folders under document library in Alfresco Share. For example, they have a folder called "new release" under document library. So when they upload a new document to that folder,

their website ("webiste URL"/new release/) is updated with this new document appeared there as well. They are able to integrate their website with alfresco share, (once log in to their traditional website,

they can add articles; Or they can add an article inside alfresco share, and their traditional website will appear that article as well).

   That is exactly what i want to do with alfresco share. Can anyone give me a hint how I can achieve that?

    Maybe my description is kind of vague, but if you look at the video from 40:20 to 42:12, you will know what I mean. The video can be watched from this URL:

After enter this URL, click "Take a Look".

I really want to know how to achieve this interaction between traditional website and alfresco share. Please give me any help you can.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. To be more precise, my question is how to use Alfresco Share as a WCM platform for traditional web site?