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How to create Node tree automatically

Question asked by sanatmastan on Feb 22, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2010 by invictus9

I have defined following model, when ever i create a node of type ppb3cg3:CG_ContentInstance it should create entire node tree i,e it should automatically create ppb3cg3:heading and make it referred by ppb3cg3:CG_ContentInstance, how can i achieve this?

      <type name="ppb3cg3:heading">
         <title>Heading Content Unit</title>
            <property name="ppb3:id">

      <type name="ppb3cg3:CG_ContentInstance">
         <title>Content Instance</title>
            <child-association  name="ppb3cg3:CU_heading">