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Simple workflow and permissions on spaces

Question asked by giannic on Oct 21, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2009 by pjcaracuel
I'm testing and discovering Alfresco Community 3.2 and I have a question about spaces security and a simple workflow implementation.
I would like to setup a simple workflow based on 3 spaces: "Drafts", "Pending Approval" and "Published" and working with 2 users: "user A" and "manager B".
The "user A" create a document in space "Drafts" and with a simple workflow rule can "submit for approval" the document that will be moved to space "Pending Approval".
Here the "manager B" has a simple workflow with 2 options: "Approved" that will move the document to space "Published" and "Re-submit" that move the document back to space "Drafts".
The permissions are set in this way:
Space “Drafts”: “user A” – Contributor, “manager B” – Consumer
Space “Pending Approval”: “user A” – Consumer”, “manager B” – Contributor
Space “Published”: “user A” – Consumer, “manager B” – Consumer

My problem is that “user A” can’t run the simple workflow in “Draft” to move the document to “Pending Approval” because I have a message: Failed to approve the document due to system error: 09210003 Access Denied. You do not have the appropriate permissions to perform this operation.

In the same way “manager B” can’t run the simple workflow in “Pending Approval” to move the documents to “Published” or back to “Drafts” for the same reason, I have the same error.

Any idea how to fix that? A solution is to give the Contributor permission to both users on all 3 spaces, but for me is too much permissions.

(I’m trying to setup the workflow following the article: and I’m using a new install on a Windows host with default parameters)