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Tags in 3.2r

Question asked by benswitzer on Oct 21, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2010 by benswitzer
Good day all.

Have a bit of a quandary.  Have two issues since upgrading to 3.2r.

1) We now can not add tags to documents in Share.  Any thoughts?  Nothing is coming up in the log.  I could enable some more verbose logging, just not sure which objects I should change in the log4j file.

2) This issue isn't specific to 3.2r, how do I change the total number of files displayed in the document library in Share.  The max is currently 1000.  I need it to be much bigger.  I realize this will have an impact on performance.  I've been able to figure out how to change the page size, but not the maximum about of objects shown.