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Migration from static to dynamic model on existing app

Question asked by dkane on Feb 28, 2012
Dear colleagues,
our application uses a static model deployed via AMP. This Alfresco instance is working in production and already have a lot of content. Now customer wants to support dynamic field definition. As a first step, just a capability to add single fields to existing metadata.
My idea was to turn static model into dynamic model and provide user with specific UI that will download, update and upload model XML (we have rich jQuery client over Alfresco repo). According to documentation, I expected that operation is going to be transparent: I just commented out bootstrap model in context , uploaded xml file into Data Dictionary\Models and activated it. However Alfresco war fails to start after that, reporting that type is not defined (there are some dynamic aspects added to model types on startup and this code fails).
I guess two reasons may apply:
1) Model was not loaded at all. Should log have any traces of dynamic model load, on debug level ? At least I don't see exceptions.
2) Dynamic model is being loaded later than AMP context init methods are being invoked. Is it possible ?
Since Alfresco does not start I can't use repo console to see if model was loaded - this is a circle.
Any other idea ? Many thanks in advance for your help.