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Webscript call problem

Question asked by cloisel on Oct 21, 2009
Good afternoon everyone,

I don't know if that's the right place to post (…anyway…)

I developped 2 webscripts, one for Share and one for Alfresco.
I call the Share one using an ant task (get src="" dest="") and it's calling the Alfresco one using…).
When testing those webscripts (http://localhost:8080/share/service/....../script), it's working ok.
However, when testing through the ant task, I got this error : "A Valid SecureContext was not provided in the RequestContext"

I give the required login and password for the Share webscript call through the ant task, but the Alfresco webscript stops in error as above.

Here are my 2 webscripts .get.desc.xml (I think the answer is there)

Share webscript .get.desc.xml:
  <shortname>Connected user retrieval</shortname>
  <description>Retrieve connected user</description>
  <format default="xml"/> 

Alfresco webscript .get.desc.xml:
   <shortname>Retrieve Site Manager</shortname>
   <description>Retrieve Site Manager</description>
   <format default="xml"/>

Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong?
Thanks in advance.