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Share 3.4E Question - NOTIFICATONS

Question asked by nickbsd on Feb 28, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2012 by nickbsd
If I wanted to enable e-mail notifications for new file uploads can I do this by creating a new space rule at Company Home | Sites | ?

I'm aware that you can create a specific space rule to send a notification to an individual, but how would I enable the rule to send an e-mail to everyone in a particular site?

For instance,

Company Home | Sites | Site 1
- send email to all users

Company Home | Sites | Site 2
- send email to all users

When I'm defining the e-mail recipient, is there a global alfresco user or can I use EVERYONE as the email recipient?

Any ideas on how to get notifications to work in Alfresco Share 3.4e would be appreciated. E-mail notifications work if I manually go into each site and setup individual rules but I'd like to setup a top-level rule if I could.