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Upgrade to Alfresco 3.1 sp2

Question asked by rpinheiro on Oct 21, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2009 by rpinheiro

I'm using Alfresco Enterprise version 3.1 and i've had problems to integrate Alfresco (running on Fedora Linux) and Active Directory recently, Alfresco always threw an exception saying: "Failed to get local server name" on class: BaseSSOAuthenticationFilter, i saw the solution for the bug on Alfresco Jira site ( and i did my own Kerberos filter copying the solution and the code of the others filters, so it worked. My question is: I don't want to use my created filter but use the Alfresco release that corrects the bug. The problem is that there is no Alfresco 3.1 Sp2 on the costumers web site for downloading and upgrade my old version. What i have to do? Wait for a new release or use my custom filter?

Any Help?