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Question asked by jainkumar11 on Feb 29, 2012
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Hi All,
I have tried implementing following policies in below sample code.
I have registered the bean in XML file and copied in alfresco\tomcat\webapps\share\WEB-INF\classes\alfresco\extension folder
public class SampleTargetService implements TransferServicePolicies.OnStartInboundTransferPolicy, TransferServicePolicies.OnEndInboundTransferPolicy
   public void onStartInboundTransfer(String arg0) {
   public void onEndInboundTransfer(String arg0, Set<NodeRef> arg1,
         Set<NodeRef> arg2, Set<NodeRef> arg3) {
      System.out.println("End Inbound");
   public void processEvent(TransferEvent arg0) {
      System.out.println("Process event method.");

After doing this, Events are not getting called even when my replication job gets completed. Any idea what I am doing wrong!!!!!
Can someone suggest when will these policies actually gets fired.

Thanks KJ