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Why having both JSF and Spring managed beans?

Question asked by georgosn on Feb 23, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2010 by openpj
From what I see in the deployed Alfresco (community edition 3.2r) there are both declarations in faces-config(lot of them) for managed beans and in spring-context.xml (lots of them). I haven't really made a match as to if Alfresco comes with doublication (same bean defined in spring and in jsf) but even if this is not the case, there is still a big question, Why do we need both? JSF can be, very very easily, configured to use spring for the managed beans. This would eliminate even the possibility of errors. Does anybody else see the problem or is it just my strict thinking mind here?

My involvement is limited in creating extensions to Alfresco (client applications) and in one of them, it seems that we need to have beans declared both in spring and in faces config (otherwise something is always missing).

Anyone has an answer?