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How to do some special things?

Question asked by cnaize on Oct 23, 2009
Hello, I'm newbie Alfresco developer and I have a task to develop one project but don't know how to start. In general I see 3 biggest problems.
First thing I have to implement forum like login system. Everyone can open main page but if want to do something it requires to login and near supposed to be registration button.
Second thing I have to implement forum like personal messages. Everyone can send messages to another persons and optional receive notification by email.
Third thing I have to implement some graphic, diagrams for example. How can I do it with Alfresco? Are there special tools for it?
I know just a bit about Alfresco and want you to help me what kind of scripts/projects/abilities I have to have? Have I re-develop or just tweak some parts of Alfresco? More detailed answers are more helpfull for me.