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Moving Alfresco Package to another Machine

Question asked by alihammad on Oct 23, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2009 by alihammad
Hello there,

I am one week old in Alfresco :).. I was working on my computer since one week . In this period I did alot of work regarding installation, configuration , creating spaces, rules, forums etc and now I am studying about Extending Alfresco Content Model.

The problem is that I have to shift my work to another machine. I copied the whole alfresco- 3.1- tomcat extracted folder to the other machine expecting that all my spaces, forums, users, groups and rules etc will be maintained. But when I started Alfresco on the other machine, it looked as if I have extracted a fresh copy of Alfresco. Nothing is maintained and I have to create everything from scratch. This is to torturous, really :P

I had not configured MySQL with it and used the Derby setting as it. In other words I extracted the Alfresco 3.1 Enterprise tomcat bundle and started alfresco.

Plz suggest how can I get back all that data on the other machine, so that I could start my work where I left it.

I hope I made myself clear.

Thanks and Regards,

Ali Hammad