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Adding multiple evaluators to doclib Actions

Question asked by unknown-user on Mar 1, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2012 by unknown-user

I want to hide some of the actions in document details page for one particular site.

I tried adding a custom evaluator that checks the 'siteId' and returns true/false based on the id of the site. But its not working in other sites as expected for actions that already has an evaluator. For e.g - "document-approve". I am able to hide them but when I go to other sites, they seem to be shown there. These actions already has an evaluator and it looks like my custom evaluator take precedence here and it identifies it as a site to display the action, where as it should get displayed only based on the out of the box evaluator (evaluator.doclib.action.simpleApprove).

Is there a way to have multiple evaluators for an action?

Alfresco version - Community 4.0.a