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Moving Alfresco to new AD Domain after AD Migration

Question asked by mfischer on Feb 24, 2010
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Hey Folks,

today i have a very special question belonging to the AD integration of Alfresco. We're using ALF 3.2r on Ubuntu 8.04 Server, users are authenticated against a Active Directory Domain.

Due to fusing with another company we're going to migrate our Active Directory objects to a new forest were we'll have a own domain tree. All users have to be copied to the new domain including their SIDHistory (via MS ADMT). Does anyone know if Alfresco will accept users after the migration, if they were able to access it in the old domain? Are the groups working which are used for managing access rights in Share and Alfresco Web Client?

A usual MS Windows ressource would be accept them if the SIDHistory contains a SID which the ressource knowed before the migration.

Is there anyone who did this before?

And can the SIDHistory be cleaned after all users logged in as recommended by Microsoft to prevent a SID overflow? But if Alfresco doesn't use the SID this all wouldn't matter  :D