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Is it imposible to enforce properties in the web client ?

Question asked by iblanco on Feb 24, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2010 by invictus9
Whe I define a custom model I can use <mandatory enforced="true">true</mandatory> to make sure that the refered property of the content of that type is uploaded with this values set. The enforced attribute forces the requirement at a "repository" level, while the mandatory element enforces it at web client UI level (Explorer UI, don't know about share).

Sadly when I create a content in the web client UI I can not use the enforced attribute because it first "creates the content" and then manages the metadata, so using enforced causes an error. If I don't use enforced the content can be created whitout specifying the attributes at all, so no way to enforce it.

Is there any approach to avoid this problem using the web client ? The only approach I find is not allowing the creation of such content and just allowing the specialisation (executing the action to specialise) but that requires double work for the user so is not a very good option.