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replicating and archiving of sites in 4.0d

Question asked by xarope on Mar 2, 2012
Seeking some advice and hopefully actual experience with Alfresco 4.0x, for the following two scenarions:

1) archiving "closed" sites; would I use transfer ( or replication ( to archive these closed sites to an "archive" alfresco service? 

I'm guessing replication, since replication uses transfer as the underlying mechanism anyway?

2) live, two-way replication of specific sites between say HQ and a remote site: this seems more straight forward, I would use replication, however replication does state that "By default, replicated content is read-only on the target repository", which seems to be more like a one-way, master-slave (or active-passive) replication rather than two-way, master-master (active-active) replication?