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Alfresco setting password for existing user on Site invite?

Question asked by mycroes on Feb 24, 2010
I have set up Alfresco Community Edition 3.2r2 with the following authentication chain:
Authentication works (authentication is active for ldap1), but it seems that if I invite employees existing in ldap they get an invite including a password. I invite them by using the search box and then clicking the button next to the search result, so they're really already there in Alfresco.

Did I setup my authentication chain incorrectly (should I have used ldap before alfrescoNtlm)? I want ldap to be used for our employees, so I don't want them to set a password in Alfresco either.

I also have synchronization turned on for ldap1, could this be interfering?
I hope someone can answer these questions, it's only one of the few things I have to fix before I can start deploying.