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Flexspaces 0.93 + Liferay 5.2.3 + Alfresco 3.0

Question asked by imagem on Feb 24, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2010 by stevereiner
Hi Experts,

i'm trying to do an integration of Alfresco 3.0 into Liferay 5.2.3 through Flexspaces 0.93. Both, Liferay and Alfresco are installed on separated Tomcat directory on the same desktop. Both are running correctly at same time, but from different url: http://localhost:8080/web/guest and http://localhost:8282/alfresco.
Here is the problem. If i'm trying to access to Alfresco through Liferay with Flexspaces 0.93 portlet, i have a Login Failed. Even if the "Alfresco URL" parameter is http://localhost:8282/alfresco/service/. I tested the REST API  http://localhost:8282/alfresco/service/api/login?u=admin&pw=admin and it worked.

Any help would be appreciate.