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Adjustments to Community 3.2

Question asked by jeffreyvddb on Oct 26, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2010 by ebogaard

Since a few weeks the company I'm working for is using Alfresco Share 3.2 Community as a tool. During these weeks, we've had several questions regarding small adjustments to the out-of-the-box dashlets and functionalities. My question is if it's possible to do the following (and maybe some pointers on how to do this):

1. Giving the user the possibility to create a iCal-feed of his/her 'My Calendar'-dashlet, instead of creating this feed for every site the user is a member of;
2. Creating a dashlet which allows users to navigate through the folder structure, without actually navigating through Share;
3. Creating a new layout for Share, which has two equal columns;
4. Sending an e-mail to every member of the site where you call the action.

If someone has already done this or has some pointers for us, I'd appreciate it very much!