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Question asked by rkramedjian on Mar 2, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2012 by xarope
Would it be possible to get you folks to upgrade the documentation on upgrading Alfresco Community?  I just finished an upgrade from 4.0.c to 4.0.d.  Following your instructions I backed up Alf_Data.  I did my upgrade and verified the install.  Then I restored the Alf_Data directory.  This is where the wheels came off.

1.  Instead of using data_root in PostgreSQL.conf someone used a specific directory.  Since that directory had a root of Alfresco-4.0.c PostgreSQL would not start.  After digging thru all of the PostgreSQL related files I found the only place this entry was used and corrected it.

2.  Somehow or other the solr install is putting all of the solr jar files in the alf_data path and I had to copy the 4.0.d solr directory over the one that I backed up to get solr to stop recreating and using the Alfresco-4.0.c/Alf_Data/Solr directory.  Even correcting the file directory parameter did not fix the problem.  So it seems that the directory is hard coded into one of the jar files.  I'm not a Java programer yet so I'm not digging into the code to figure out where the error is.

OK, I have shot the obvious problems so my question back to you folks is what do you already know about that I have missed and that your documentation does not address?

Next you talk about backed up configuration override settings other than the entries that I've had to make in the file what else do I need to worry about?

How do I force a full reindex?