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Alfresco 3.2 CE and some problems

Question asked by boapl on Oct 26, 2009
I installed the system Alfresco 3.2 CE. I have therefore several problems:
1. Critical. The names of the folders and files with the Polish characters do not display correctly. Worse, these files and folders can not be opened. Perhaps there is problem with configuration of the system, but I could not find information about it.
2. I can not find the event logging system for documents. Is there such a thing? I'm interested in information who and when opened the document.
3. How to direct open documents with Alfresco. I can not force the system to open the documents in the default application, with possibility to save changes directly to Alfresco system, all from WWW interface. In the Kablink Teaming tested before I could do so without problems and no additional settings and plug-ins. Probably something is not configured by me.
4. In Alfresco system you can store all old versions of document. Unfortunately I can not find information how can I set its, for example to store old versions for 1 year or other period of time, or hold the last 5 versions. Is it possible?
5. Is it possible to create multiple calendars in the Site?