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ECM Project using Alfresco

Question asked by feroz on Oct 26, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2009 by feroz
Hi All,
I am new to Alfresco Development. I had learn Alfresco Implementation and Usage little bit. now i want to develop a application using Alfresco, ie, Knowledge Management Application with customized UI with my defined features only. No need to be with full features of Alfresco. Where should i start? I heard that there is two ways to develop Alfresco project, by Customizing Alfresco Explorer for my own need, or Create a new application on extending Alfresco features by API.I could't be clear for developing ECM Project using Alfresco.Can anyone pls guide me to do my wish? I am in end of days for my project.
Thank in advance,
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