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Document Library Setup for a Newbie

Question asked by willrs on Oct 26, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2009 by groberts
Hi Guys

Currently, weve been using SharePoint in house as a quite simple "store documents and access them from anywhere in the world" type system. We are looking at replacing SharePoint, as we find it quite clunky to manage and we have to move servers soon anyway.

So, firstly, Im not a developer.. but I am a tech person and have been for quite a long time… but programming and messing around in code is not my expertise (unless at a quite basic level). What we would like, as an ideal solution, would be a simple interface for people to log into over a web page, perhaps have an windows explorer type view on the left hand side of the screen to expand folders, and on the right, documents. Something like

- Top Level
      - Customers
      -       - Customer A
      -       - Customer B
      -       - Etc…
      - Human Resources
      - Marketing
      - Etc…..

Basically, something thats a mix between a document repository/management system, and a virtual online web page based hard drive……

Where Im getting stuck, is the point at which I log onto Alfresco….. :o(

So a couple of questions… (happy to look at web links etc)

1.   Whats the difference between the SHARE and the EXPLORER area?
2.   Can what Im asking for be done simply within Alfresco?
3.   How on gods green earth can point 2 be done?
4.   Is it possible to clean down the interface just so that any new users get just this document browser area?
5.   If Im looking at the wrong product for a solution… is there anything else anyone can recommend.. that would suit what I want to do, and in a simple way? (preferably a solution we can host & manage ourselves).

Thanks in advance for any help.