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using 'residual' properties

Question asked by abruzzi on Feb 24, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2010 by mrogers
Recently, I discovered that I can create a property of cm:person that isn't defined in the cm:person document model.  It shows up as a "residual" property in the lucene search, and it is still query-able.  I'm curious what the properties of these residual items are?  I'd rather not hack on the core definitions in alfresco–it makes a maintenance nightmare when you do upgrades, and (for the moment) I just need to attach a employee ID to the cm:person during the LDAP sync. 

So if I use a property name the alfresco coders will never use like "DAC_employeeID" is this reasonable, or is it a bug that may be quashed at any moment?



EDIT:  I should add that I don't need users to see these, and don't want them to edit these.  I just need scripts to be able to retrieve these and lucene searches on these fields to work.