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UNSUCCESSFUL upgrade from 3.4e to 4.0a - yes another thread.

Question asked by nickbsd on Mar 5, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2012 by nickbsd
I'm curious to know if I can backup an entire SITE in alfresco\share using 3.4e (production environment) and import it into a 4.0c(latest) build without trying to upgrade the environment.

We're running 3.4E right now in production and I can't seem to get a working upgrade to 4.0a(b)c so I've stood up a new server to use for development and have successfully installed alfresco 4.0.c.

The problems that I'm experiencing include performing an upgrade from MySQL (installed in 3.4e) to Postgres which was introduced in the 4x version. Documentation is fuzzy and this forum is littered with ongoing (unanswered) issues when trying to a simple upgrade. At this point I'm following suit like everyone else and giving up the upgrade altogether. The problem is I can't setup a new system and expect management to start their sites all over– that's unreasonable. If I can do a simple backup/restore using an alfresco utility that would save me a lot of long nights staying up pulling out hair just to try and get to the latest build.