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Import break DB Replication

Question asked by grx712 on Oct 26, 2009
I have an alfresco master replicating to an Alfresco slave.  Replication seems to continue without incident through various CMS activities until I use the Explorer website to perform an import from a remote server (the import is always successful without DB replication interruption if performed on the Alfresco master).  After performing an import successfully, DB replication is broken with the following MySQL error:

Slave SQL Error:
Duplicate entry '<some number>' for key 'PRIMARY' on query.
Default database 'alfresco'.
Query: 'insert into alf_transaction(version, server_id, change_txn_id, commit_time_ms) values (0, 1, '<id>', 0)', Error code: 1062.

Any ideas why this only occurs with import from a remote server and how to fix.

Thanks in advance.