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Not versioning when changes in Categories

Question asked by robeitor on Feb 25, 2010
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I need some help.

I'm developping an advanced workflow in Alfresco and I have a problem. During the workflow I change the categories of the document and these changes makes new versions of the document. I want changes in categories which doesn't change document versions. But in the other hand I want other changes in other properties makes new versions.

So, if I use in contentModel.xml:

<aspect name="cm:versionable">
<property name="cm:versionLabel">
<title>Version Label</title>
<property name="cm:initialVersion">
<title>Initial Version</title>
<property name="cm:autoVersion">
<title>Auto Version</title>
<property name="cm:autoVersionOnUpdateProps">
<title>Auto Version - on update properties only</title>
<default>false</default> <———————————————————

All changes in properties dont change version. But I want only for categories.

I have made this think as well in core-services-context.xml:

<bean id="versionableAspect"
class="org.alfresco.repo.version.VersionableAspect" init-method="init">
<property name="policyComponent">
<ref bean="policyComponent" />
<property name="versionService">
<ref bean="versionService"/>
<property name="nodeService">
<ref bean="nodeService"/>
<property name="excludedOnUpdateProps">
<value>cm:categories</value> <—————————————–

But doesn't make anything!

I don't have any more ideas. It's posible to pause the versioning during the workflow? Just when I'm changing the category?

Thank you