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Compare url with Categories

Question asked by buurd on Feb 25, 2010

I have stumbled upon a difference in encoding of data in alfresco. I''m not sure if there is something I done wrong or if it is a problem in Alfresco.

I have a structure of categories. I have a webscript that gets a parameter (from browser) that I get though the argsM-variable. The webscript attempts to find a category according to the parameter.

The problem is that strings with charachters outside ASCII doesn't get encoded in the same way, as the following logstatement illustrates:

09:20:15,869 User:admin DEBUG [repo.jscript.ScriptLogger] Found category: InnehÕllsf÷rteckning looking for Inneh?llsf?rteckning.

The word in the addressbar of the browser is "Innhållsförteckning".

I get the parameter for the webscript with the following lines:

var documentClass;
if(argsM.documentClass != null){
    documentClass = argsM.documentClass[0];

And the category simply by

var category =;

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance