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SOLR index procedure from machine to machine (4.0d)

Question asked by jackjm on Mar 6, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2012 by cfox570
Hey guys

I am trying to move my alfresco repository from one machine to another (both running community 4.0d on windows). I have successfully transferred the repository and database over; but I am not able to search on the new machine; I am assuming this is because the indexes are missing there. I am using SOLR as my search system (indicated by in the file). This was set by default.

Can anyone please give me some information about how I can back my indexes up and move them over so that I can first finish the move and then finish the blog post I have been working on for transferring data in case some one needs the information in the future. Also, I have looked into the backup and restore article in the documentation but it deals with lucene indexes.

Here is the procedure I have followed just in case: say the original machine with the information is A and the machine I am moving to is B

on A:
       – shut down alfrescoTomcat
       – backup the database
       – back up C:\Alfresco\alf_data

on B:
       – shut down alfrescoTomcat
       – log into database and restore from the database dumped above.
       – point dir.root in to C:\Alfresco_backup\alf_data

I have also tried setting index.recovery.mode=FULL in on machine B before restarting tomcat but that doesn't seem to help.

If there are suggestions on how to move the indexes over, I will be extremely grateful

thanks a lot     

p.s: the log file did not have any relevant error messages (there were some reg. web quick start), hence I am not posting it; if you would still like to take a look, pls. let me know and I will put it up.