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Unable To Remove Assistance Panel

Question asked by gjhorne on Mar 7, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2012 by gjhorne
I have seen a range of posts regarding this problem for some time ranging from it is still happening to it is resolved.  I am using two instances of community v4.0d on CentOS 5.7 x86_64, with tomcat v6.28 for both the java container and as a proxy in front of a load balancer.  I use haproxy v1.4.1 to load balance against both instances.  Both instances have a primary store and share a replicated secondary store on an nfs mount.  This all runs a separate virtual servers.  This is a test rig as a proof of concept. Technically It is quit fast with low latency when I bomb it.  `there are just some nagging software issues.

From a user acceptance point of view, the large (screen dominating) assistance panel does not want to go away.  It may be related to the a fact that when you modify the dashboard, no currently configured dashlets show and if you added new dashlets they become accumulative with the existing (but not visible when editing).  There is also no way of removing dashlets when you get duplicates for a similar reason.  I have not tested this on a simple rig so my question is any body else having similar issues.  Are these of my own making.  I understand it is  fairly complex build but it is a POC.