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Alfresco Share 4.0 - making changes to out of the box files

Question asked by bengrah on Mar 7, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2012 by bengrah
Hi all.

I'm just playing about with some of the out of the box files for document actions. I've made a copy of actions.js, made some changes, minified it using the YUI Compressor and copied it back into the /webapps/share/components/documentlibrary directory and overwritten the original file. But I can't get any of these changes to appear via the Share website.

Even if I remove the actions-min.js entirely from the directory and refresh the page / restart the application, actions still work in Share. Is there anything I can do here? Is it a caching thing with my browser (I have tried to purging temp files, history, cookies etc. and still no joy)?

Any help would be much appreciated.