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Which installation package should I use for this guide?

Question asked by melvin on Oct 28, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2009 by melvin
I need to install Alfresco with it's Digital Asset Management software, so that I can test it. I have been assigned 1 month to test the application and if it suits our requirements, we will be purchasing an enterprise licensing.

Here is the installation guide that I used: but I can't seem to find the installation file that matches that guide. I have also contacted the support team to get a trial enterprise license however no one has responded yet. Can anyone please help me, I have been trying about 2 week now but can't seem to install Alfresco.

Here are the specs for our VM:

- RHEL 5
- Mysql
- Weblogic 9, however we will be upgrading it to Weblogic 10 by the end of the year