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Custom aspects properties non displaying

Question asked by doc.alf on Oct 28, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2009 by pjcaracuel
Hi all,

I customized Alfresco with new custom aspects in order to define several types of documents with custom properties. Then I implemented rules so that custom aspects are automatically added to content when I add a new document in a specific space. I did some tests and it all worked fine.

But a week ago, for a reason I have not figured yet, Alfresco wouldn't display the custom properties anymore when I add a document. Only the Alfresco default properties are displayed and I cannot see my custom properties.

There is no error in the log file (even by augmenting the log level) and my two configuration files seem to be well read when I start the server.

If anybody has any idea, please help me.

Thank you very much.