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Job - Alfresco developer / Unix admin - UK home working

Question asked by mollydevas on Mar 8, 2012
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I hope this is a good place to post this job, if not, please let me know!


Java developer/Unix admin - UK home working
We’re looking for a Java developer/Unix Admin. We're a small company based in the South East of England and we provide Alfresco services to businesses worldwide.

If you're looking for flexibility, this might be the perfect job. Work from home or office, no lengthy meetings, no 9-5. Flexible working with straight talking people. Most of our work is for internal projects, so no ridiculous deadlines. This is a full-time position, you can work from anywhere in the South of England (or Northern France!), but need to be able to show up in our London or Kent offices regularly.

If you already know Alfresco - great! If not, there'll be time to learn.

WHO YOU ARE (which is even more important than what you know)
We want someone who is passionate about the work and helping our clients do their job better. You care about clean simple design, good code, and building stuff that works. You’re reliable, and and understand that doing what you say you’ll do and paying attention to every detail is important. You can spot the typo in this advert, and will mention it in your application.

Customising & extending Alfresco. We’re big on security, simplicity and speed, and love building simple interfaces that really work, so as well as adding features, you'll be removing superfluous ones! You'll be involved in every aspect of our service, from occasional client meetings, requirements analysis, through to specification and implementation or out-sourcing to our dev partners.

It will be a wide role, including:
 - Alfresco development.
 - Admin of Unix servers, configured with Puppet.
 - Specify and either develop or outsource enhancements.
 - Customer support & other things you sometimes have to do in a small firm, like unexpectedly fixing a WordPress site!


We need someone with solid Unix admin skills to help maintain our physical and cloud servers, you will also have excellent development skills and experience.

- Good Unix admin experience
- Proven experience of Java and associated technologies
- Practical experience of web programming (HTML, JavaScript, APIs, etc).
- Experience in deploying applications to Apache Tomcat or JBoss
- Knowledge of database modelling and working with RDBMS preferably PostgreSQL or MySQL.

Your spoken & written English will be excellent, and you'll have at least 3 years experience working in IT.

We’d prefer someone who was within two hours of our offices in either London or South Kent coast
- you need to be in our office 20 days during the first three months.
–after that, you can show up four days a month (or more if you want)
–Choose your own core hours - we don't expect a 9-5 unless that suits you
–You will have to do some out of hours support

Pay is negotiable, based on individual circumstances.
We love Ricardo Semler, and give 11% of all profits to employees!

Please send a recent CV with covering e-mail to Molly Devas (mollydevas AT For informal queries or more information please email as above.
If possible please include details (and preferably URLs) of 1 or 2 projects you are proud of. These could be professional or personal projects. Please clearly state your contribution to projects where you worked as part of a team.
If you write a blog, have a flickr account, use twitter, etc, make sure to send us links. We'll want to get to know who you are.

You will be working with sensitive data, background checks and basic security clearance will be required.