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Alfresco 2.1  with LDAP user can not be deleted.

Question asked by sidi on Oct 29, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2009 by sidi
I have in LDAP a user id like this 123456789C, that user gets in Alfresco with this id 123456789c enters and generates a folder in companny home for him.
I'ts not correct and I delete the user and the space, but when I try to enter with the correct id whit uppercase "C" a msg tel's me that  his folder does not exist and I can`t change his id.
My question is where does Alfresco keeps information of a deleted user and his space when its conected to LDAP? How can I eliminated so I can enter the correct id. 
the msg I recive is:

Introduzca los detalles de conexión:
Nombre de usuario:    123456789C
Contraseña:    **************
El nodo del espacio principal referenciado por el Id: 86ba445d-b897-11de-adeb-0d455b24493d no se puede encontrar. Puede ser que haya sido borrado de la base de datos. Por favor, contacte al administrador de su sistema.

The system seems  to be looking for the main space of a user that is already deleted.

Can anybody tell me whats going on? where is that information kept, how can I eliminated. An how can I controll that de upper-lower case is exactly matched so  the user id is the same that  the LDAP user id?

Thanks in advance and forgive my poor English

By the way this happends becouse in an intranet  backgrount with LDAP I don't know how to get the first login that creates the user and his space using webservices, so they have to clik a link and open de login page of alfresco for once get in and then when I have the user created change atributes principal space and grant access to it. So if someone could tell me how to create a user via webservice with an LDAP chain this would not happend again.

Best Regards.