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Paid Project: expire contracts on effectivity

Question asked by aantonop on Feb 28, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2010 by eddiem
We are accepting proposals for paid Alfresco development, via the system. If interested in getting paid to develop this simple customization project please use elance to submit a bid (all work must be done via elance). If you are interested in this result, check here afterwards for an update. We will contribute any resulting code and documentation back to the community:

The goal of this project is to automatically "expire" documents (in this case contracts) whose effectivity date has passed. It is likely that this can be done better with records management but we just want a simple solution that automates the effectivity aspect.

Project Descriptio

Contracts will have the "effectivity" aspect applied to them. Effectivity aspect provides two dates: Effective-From, Effective-To. Contracts will be stored in a folder structure as follows:

Client A
- Contracts
– Current
– Archived

Client B/Contracts/Current … etc


Create a script that runs based on scheduled execution, once per day. The script finds all documents based on a lucene query that identifies documents according to the following criteria: document is of type Contract AND has effectivity aspect AND effective-to is less than today AND is in space "Current". Script goes through the list of results, moving each contract into the adjacent space "Archived".


- A fully documented script
- A documented Lucene query
- A documented scheduler entry
- Installation intructions
- (optional for bonus) an Alfresco plugin (amp) that install all of the above into any Alfresco v.3.2 installation.

We will provide:

A test setup on Amazon EC2 with fully configured Alfresco 3.2 for testing and demonstration. You will be able to do whatever you want on this server.