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'Word for WordPerfect users' guide for Alfresco?

Question asked by oofdachile on Mar 8, 2012
Hi, folks –

  Many of you may recall when Microsoft Word offered documentation and help for WordPerfect users who were switching to Word.  Does Alfresco have such guides for administrators who are contemplating switching from FileNet, Oracle UCM/Stellent, EMC, or other commercial products?

  In my case, I would love to find out how I would configure Alfresco 4 to store employee portrait JPEGs with required corporate metadata along with a set of automatically-generated portrait image renditions, as we do in Oracle UCM.  I can't believe this would be all that hard.  Is there a good, 25-page Alfresco digital asset management or content management "how-to" guide floating around that covers this sort of thing?