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Question asked by bertelu on Mar 1, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2010 by sselvan
hi folks, couple of problem with outbound email setting.
i've modified the as declared in other wiki/posts ans looks like this:
# Email configuration
# Set this value to UTF-8 or similar for encoding of email messages as required
# Set this value to 7bit or similar for Asian encoding of email headers as required

now, i've setted a rule to send a notification email to a user every time a document are uploaded.
sometime the mail goes, sometime not.
the behavior unespected is that the sender use by alfresco, is not the one specified in mail.from.default, but the one specified in the user profile.
created a test user that have email as ""
created a second test user with email as ""
well. if the test2 user is logging and upload a new document, an email is issued" to user specified.
if test user  is logging and upload a new document, an email is issued" to user specified.
what i'm expecting is that the email is coming from, and not from the single user, even because maybe that user is not allowed by the SMTP server to send email.

do i forgo sometinh in the config? should i config other files?

and second problem. in the notification email, the link is always reporting the link as "http:\\localhost:8080….." is there any place to config the hostname instead localhost?

thanks in advance.