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Inbound email config. with imap/smtp PDF Attachment parsing

Question asked by jollymon on Mar 1, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2011 by mrfreeze81
I have seen some posts which offer some insight into a few questions, but I need to have more information before I set of on a specific pathway for my deployment.

I am looking for a way to import PDF document into the repository automatically, directed to a specific share folder. Inside that folder I wish for them to either create a new subfolder based on a single metadata field or if the metadata matches an existing folder already, to just route to the correct folder automatically. Eventually I would like to have them version upon eachother, but thats secondary.

Some potential solutions I have been researching

I have seen ops software which appears to handle this function out of the box, but do not know what price range that soultion lies in. I will be contacting them Monday.
I have seen that imap/smtp inbound email built-in options which from my reading appear to handle the importing of attachments from email.
I am interested in creating a folder with a "cron" that pulls all documents into the specified share folder.

Ideas, suggestions, and anything else. Thanks

A bit of background, Alf 3.2 running on Win7 behind simple router.

****A hard night of working and I have it setup now to get the messages moved into alfresco, now I just need to stip off the attachment…for the moment