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Office 2008, Alfresco CE 3.2r and OSX

Question asked by frodelau on Mar 1, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2010 by rays
Hi there,
I tried to search through Google and this forum for how to connect office 2008 to Alfresco using the Microsoft Document Connection. I see several posts of people having problems with this, including this one:

I have installed Alfresco on a OSX 10.6 machine, and used the installer that includes Sharepoint-support. I manage to come to the point where the Microsoft Document Connection tells me that the connection is unsecure, and asks if I want to continue. When confirming that, I only get the message "The connection failed".

I have also configured the as it says in page 28 in the document "Installing and Configuring Alfresco ECM Community Edition 3.2r2"

Can anyone please give a recipe on what I need to do to make it work?

Thanks for helping :)