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Cut & Paste Firefox - Not Working

Question asked by jlabuelo on Oct 30, 2009
Hi all

We are using Alfresco 3.0 and pretty much all our web browsers are Firefox 3.0.15 . However we have a problem at the time we would like to Cut a document from a space and paste it in another space.

Let me explain. If we log in Alfresco using firefox… and after some mins we would like to cut a document from a space and then paste it in another space, alfresco will let us cut the document but at the time we try to paste it, nothing is placed in the new space. To do so we need to log out and log in back, and perform the cut and paste right the way. If we take some mins working and then try to perform a Cut&Paste we never get it.

Of course this is quite a pain, and we like working with Firefox better than with IE. Any ideas of why this might be happening? Any configuration we would need to do in Alfresco or Firefox?

Thanks a lot  :)