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Alfresco LDAP user home path

Question asked by ccc_chen on Mar 12, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2012 by loftux
My Alfresco connects with LDAP authentication.
In the file, I set defaultHomeFolderProvider = usersHomeFolderProvider, the system creates a LDAP user with user's home directory.
Under Alfresco Explorer, if I log on with the LDAP user account, I can see the LDAP user home directory, as well as all the rights read, write, execute.
However under the CMIS, I log on with the same LDAP user account, I can not see the home directory. But I can access the home directory with ID to write in to the folder, but the content will not be readable, still. The only exception is when I log with Admin account, I can see all home directories of LDAP accounts.  :evil:  :cry:  :?:
If I log on with a local user, I can see (read) the home directory and also write or execute the content.

I think this may be caused by wrong setting of the user authority or privilege, but I have no clue where to change this setting. Or maybe it's another problem.  :shock: 
How can I solve this problem, please help me!