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Installation documentation needs ammendments

Question asked by jclacherty on Oct 31, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2009 by meecect
I downloaded the full install for Linux which apparantly has all the various components included.  The documentation intimates that it's just a matter of running the installer, tweaking some config files and I'm away, unfortunately that's not the case.

After spending quite some time trying to get the Sharepoint Protocol to work I discovered that the full install (that says it's installing the sharepoint protocol) doesn't actually install the protocol.  It puts the amp file in the amps directory but doesn't actually install it to the war file (I pity the poor people using the quick install guide, they've got no chance).  I looked through the fairly comprehensive installation documentation and followed the procedure for installing Sharepoint Protocol support for those installing the components separately (I wasn't) and that didn't quite work either.  The doesn't actually work.  Manually running the amp installation works.  I think the problem may be the .txt file that's placed in the amps directory, I think the install bombs on that.

Anyway, after installing the amp, sharepoint protocol kind of works, need to do more experimentation.

Is there any other parts that I would be missing after doing the install?  I can't seem to see the DOD auditing stuff…