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Unable to update task associations

Question asked by azivotic on Mar 13, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2012 by pero

I defined my custom workflow with alfresco/activiti. In my model i defined custom aspect which beside some properties has associations which will represent members of some team

        <aspect name="mcwm:projectCharter">
                    <property name="cm:userName">
                    <association name="mcwm:teamWithDoc">

Now, in my workflow i have 5 tasks, and on every task i set mandatory aspect which i described above.

   <!–type for start form–>
   <type name="mcwm:submitStart">
           ….some properties…….

The problem is that if some user for example on beginning of process on task 1 set association mcwm:teamWithDoc (pick members of team from alfresco repository), property is nice passed to task 2. But if some other user which is assigned to task 2 change mcwm:teamWithDoc (e.g. add some more team members or delete some team members) on task 3 these changes are not seen. On task 3 mcwm:teamWithDoc has value which is set on start task. The same case is with other task, whatever other users done with mcwm:teamWithDoc on task 2, task 3 or task 4, mcwm:teamWithDoc always has value which is set on beginning?

Any idea how to update this association?

P.S. I update my regular properties between task using execution.setVariable('propertName', task.getVariable('propertName')); but for association this isn't functioning.