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Searching and Data Mining

Question asked by josephscarr on Nov 1, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2009 by alim
Hello everyone,

I have a few questions,
I am getting ready to implement Alfresco 3.2 to handle my data and docs for a non-profit.
I am currently using five 750GB hard drives for my information, they are in 3 separate computers, all are shared across my network.
I use Apache Solr to index and search across my network.
I use rapid miner to mine information for me on my network and to do business intelligence.

I know that I can use ftp, smb, etc. so i can browse the content that is placed in alfresco. can I use these same 5 drives for alfresco by listing them with in alfrescos file server or should i just throw them in side of the server that alfresco will be running on and just let the OS use them to expand the overall storage capacity of the system?

Can I search from the search function built in the OS to search Alfresco content?
Can I use rapid miner to search alfresco content when I need to mine information?
Can Apache Solr search and index alfresco content?

In regards to forms, can i create a form that you fill out and when it is saved it saves the input as a PDF or another doc type and have it placed into a certain folder?