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List of Values - Supplementary Markings

Question asked by miriamchristof on Mar 2, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2010 by carlos.miguens
I'm working on a document for our team to explain the records management concept in general and Alfresco's approach in these area.
The Alfresco documentation, the webinar and screencast helped a lot, but I have one open question:

I can't find the possibility to add supplementary markings both to a user and a record. I browsed through the forum and found the interesting minute of Simone.white:

and try to follow his steps…. My problem now: I created three new users and invited them to the RM site. But I didn't get the invitation mail to confirm the access. (Mail adress is my private mail adress, I double checked it directly in the mail browser and  the spam folder)

I navigated to the List of values to add supplementary markings, but it shows no "add" or "edit". The window is empty.

Only for my understanding of the access control concept: I granted every user a role - with this role, the user earns different capabilities. Additionally the records can be protected with supplementary markings so that f.e. a RM admin can't see a record because he hasn't the right supplementary marking at his user account.
I think, this is the purpose of the concept, right?

Thanks for all help, Miriam